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Can I take this opportunity to thank you both for your assistance in this matter and the manner in which you conducted the transaction. I would certainly have no hesitation in recommending RightReg to my friends and colleagues. Good luck for the future.

Private Registration Numbers

The popularity of personal plates is growing all the time. At we have seen the sales figures that prove it. We have more customers now than we have ever had, and we see a growing number of people who already own a private registration coming back to us to purchase additional registrations for second cars or for other family members.

In addition to the obvious appeal of a striking set of private number plates on their cars, many of these people tell us that they are buying private registrations as gifts. Similarly, we hear more and more customers saying that they have high hopes for the investment potential of the registrations they buy from us.

The investment aspect does seem to be becoming an increasing factor, and we have seen a number of people who bought their marks from us a year or two ago coming back to us in order to sell them. Happily, some of these cherished plates have returned a significant profit to the seller.

At we do our best to categorise all the car registrations we offer for sale according to the interest or niche to which they might appeal most. We feature themed searches which enable people to select private number plates that best correspond with their interests and requirements.

Perhaps the widest selection we have does, however, defy easy categorisation. The many ‘initials’ plates we have available are a class of their own. There are simply so many combinations available that the vast range offers something for just about every searcher. But not everyone wants their initials, despite the obvious customisation possibilities, and the excellent value that initials plates represent. As we have mentioned, many purchasers select their private number plates with a view to resale, so they wisely opt for the numbers with the widest possible appeal. This is where our themed searches come into their own. Simply click on the “Find Number Plates” link in the left hand menu to see the many options we have prepared for you.

It seems that private plates are becoming more fashionable than ever before, and here at we are uniting more customers than ever with their perfect cherished number plates.

Private Number Plates

As well as the number of customers, the actual level of enthusiasm also seems to be growing, with car number plates clubs appearing across the country and an increasing number of private plates rallies taking place. This growing awareness of, and enthusiasm for, this particular aspect of vehicle personalisation is also reflected in the feedback we receive from the public. As you browse our website you’ll see that a great deal of our content is actually contributed by our customers. We enjoy a steady stream of correspondence from people who want to tell us what their private plates mean to them. We get photos, testimonials praising our service (thanks very much – please keep them coming!), and stories telling us fragments of vehicle registrations history of which we were previously unaware.

This feedback from you means a great deal to us, and we are delighted to be able to say that an increasing number of our customers are returning to us to purchase second, sometimes even third, registrations as gifts or for second cars. Please take a few moments to look at some of the contributions that have been sent to us. We are sure that they will give you an idea of how much enjoyment private plates can provide for their owners. We hope that you’ll also see how pleased our customers are with their experience of dealing with If your car isn’t already sporting your very own personalised registration, why not try entering your initials or name into our search box on this page.

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