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Personalised Number Plates

It probably doesn't occur to most people, but you don't necessarily have to keep the registration number that was assigned to your car when you purchased it. It really is quite a simple process to purchase a different registration and to transfer it to a vehicle. Equally, if your car bears a number plate that may appeal to someone else, it is possible to sell it, and to have a new number issued to replace it.

Some vehicle number plates, by design or by coincidence, may be seen as conveying something about their owners. These, especially the ones where the effect is deliberate, are known as personal number plates. They may resemble words or names; they may contain initials or birthdates… The possibilities are bounded only by the owners' imaginations, and by the UK's number plates display regulations.

You may hear alternative terms used: personalised number plates, private number plates, cherished plates, cherished registrations and so on, but these are just synonymous.

We like to think that has grown into more than just a site where people can buy personalised plates for their cars. We have added so much more content and information on a range of subjects, from the DVLA registrations info that you might expect on a site like this.

While you’re here, why not try our number plate search for yourself? The search box on this page is very simple to use, and you can type in anything you like. In case you’d like a few hints, we have other searches based on several dvla number plates themes on our personalised plates search options page.

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