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Can I take this opportunity to thank you both for your assistance in this matter and the manner in which you conducted the transaction. I would certainly have no hesitation in recommending RightReg to my friends and colleagues. Good luck for the future.

Cherished Number Plates

Cherished number plates are sometimes seen as a strange description for what we provide to our customers – many prefer the terms ‘personalised registration plates’ or ‘personal car number plates’ – but in very many cases cherished number plates is just what they are. It is not at all unusual for customers to tell us that they have been seeking a specific registration for some. There are certain letter and number combinations that have become almost legendary, and which would certainly not suffer for the want of prospective purchasers should they ever be offered for sale again! People get very attached to their plates.

So, obviously people like to find registration marks which represent their name, or something about them: a hobby or occupation perhaps. Number and letter combinations which represent initials and dates of birth are also very popular indeed. However, when it comes to the ultimate in status symbols, it is the number 1s which must be considered the ultimate cherished number plates. Right Registrations is currently advertising for sale the registrations K 5, 9 M, P 2 plus many more number plates like those. These registrations are truly desirable to so many people and even buyers who are interested in them for investment opportunities. The prices are all in the region on £250,000 to £400,000 which you may think is staggering but customers are buying them.

Don’t worry that your own perfect registration may be beyond your means. At Right Registrations we have something for every budget – in fact, something for everyone. Some of the most popular plates, initials plates for example, may be had for under £250, so why not search for yours today?

At our unrivalled stock of cherished plates is growing daily. As well as the largest privately owned stock of top quality personal registrations, we have access to virtually all the other plates currently for sale in the UK, regardless of whether they are owned by private individuals or smaller dealers. In all, we offer a selection that runs into millions!

Don’t panic! We don’t expect you to sit and read through a list of several million cherished plates. To make it easier to find your very own ideal personal registration we have created a number of easy-to- use search options. Simplest is our general search (the search box you can see on this page). You simply type in whatever you like and we try to find a selection of numbers that might suit. If you’d prefer a little more help we also offer themed searches and categories which can suggest alternatives that might otherwise not occur to you.

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